What are the key benefits for a customer to move to SAP S/4HANA?

SAP’s vision and strategy is to help customers run live in the digital economy. To deliver on this mission, SAP is  redefining how enterprise software creates value.  The prevalence of digital technologies is forcing organizations to reimagine their business models, the way their business processes are designed, and the way their employees work in the digital economy. While this brings a plethora of challenges due to the disruptive nature of digital technologies, the digital economy also presents numerous opportunities for those who are aware and prepared to embrace digital transformation.

Business value perspective:
This means that SAP S/4HANA creates some unique opportunities to reinvent business models and drive new revenues and profits. First, enterprises can now connect to people, devices, and business networks to deliver new value to their customers on any channel becausethe Internet of Things and Big Data are accessible to any business. Second, enterprises can dramatically simplify their processes, drive them in real time, and change them as needed to gain new efficiencies –batch processing is no longer required. And finally, business users can now get any insight on any data from anywhere in real time for planning, execution, prediction, and simulation, so decisions may be made on the fly with the finest level of granularity for faster business impact.

IT  value  perspective
This  means  that  SAP  S/4HANA  creates  some unique  opportunities  to  simplify  the  landscape  and  help  reduce  total  cost  of  ownership  (TCO),  with  SAP  HANA  as  the  great  simplifier. First, enterprises can eliminate redundant data, reducing their data footprint while working with larger data sets in one system (for example, with industry or application function reintegrated, where it was  previously  standalone).  This  enables  them  to  reduce hardware  costs,  operational  costs,  and complexity, and to save time
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