How many ways you take SAP HANA database data backup?

There are different ways and tools to create a data backup.

a) SAP HANA studio
In the Navigator view select the system for which you want to start a backup. Use right mouse click and choose Backup from the context menu. Specify the location (directory) and the backup file prefix
to use. (The default location shows the path specified in the backup parameter basepath_databackup.)

b) SQL commands
You can enter SQL commands either by using the SQL editor in SAP HANA studio, or by using the hdbsql program on the command line.The backup can be started with the following SQL command:
If no absolute path is specified, the default backup location is prepended to the target. In both cases, a
suffix will be appended to the target.

c) Batch mode
To perform data backups in batch mode, we recommend that you use the command line tool hdbsql on operating system level. hdbsql enables you to trigger backups through crontab.

d) DBACockpit (from the ABAP system only)
You can find the DBA Cockpit documentation in the SAP Help Portal

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