HANA Memory- How to free up memory by unloading table from memory ?

Under normal circumstances, the SAP HANA database manages the loading and unloading of tables into and from memory independently. Actually, the main aim of SAP HANA database is to keep all relevant data in memory.

But, one can manually load and unload individual tables if necessary. How?....It’s simple, and it can be done from SAP HANA Studio itself.

Select the table by right click and choose the option “Unload …”
And later, manually load the table into memory again, if needed.
Moreover, if somebody fires the query associated to the same unloaded table, SAP HANA will pick & load the same table into memory FULL or PARTIALLY, purely depending upon the executed query.
Again, if one needs to free up memory, he/she can manually trigger the delta merge operation for a column table manually in SAP HANA Studio. The delta merge operation is related to the memory management concept of the column store, i.e, the part of the SAP HANA Database that manages data organized in columns in memory.

So, options are as follows:
“Unload …” – Free up memory by unloading table from memory
“Load …” – Loading the table into memory
“Merge…” – Triggering delta merge operation for a column table

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