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HCI Agent (Data Services)

Q: Agent - How many Agents are needed per customer?
A: HCI-DS needs only one agent per customer. One agent can be connected to many different systems. Optionally you can have more agents for failover.

Q: What are the Agent Groups?
A: Agent groups are collections of agents that are logically grouped to enable high-availability solutions for your production tasks.  It is also a method for load balancing tasks onto multiple agents.

Q: Which folders can be accessed by HCI DS Agent?
A: You can only access folders within the network for which you have direct access from the Agent. The Windows user that is used to run the HCI agent service must be a domain user that has access to the network locations you want to read from. Additionally, all folders you want to read from need to be “white-listed” in the agent configuration tool (only root folder needs to be white-listed, sub folders will be accessible automatically).

Q: Agent Upgrades: When is it necessary?
A: For tasks running in production, SAP does not require customers to upgrade their agent. They can keep the old version of the Agent. Only when there is need to do new development and promote new tasks to production, an upgrade of the agent is required. For updates of Agents, there is no auto-update. The upgrade install is very simple:  it will detect the previous version, keep all configurations and just replace the binaries.

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