S/4 HANA - Setting up a new best-practice client

The best-practice client setup is the prerequisite to successfully activate and deploy the SAP Best Practices content. Setting up a new best-practice client requires the configuration content from client 000 and the activation of the SAP Best Practices content depending on the selected business scope.The new client shall only contain the minimum required settings from client 000; all other settings shall be created by activating the SAP Best Practices content and match the business scope.

To achieve this, only the contents of tables defined in the whitelist table /FTI/TWHITEL01 (whitelist) shall be cascaded to the new target client. The whitelist is a collection of approximately 900 customer tables (delivery class C and G). These tables contain settings ranging from basic Customizing (currencies, taxes, standards, protocols, …), screen settings (field definitions, …) to client-dependent Customizing (user authorizations, profiles, …). In the future, this content is intended to gradually move into the SAP Best Practices content.

The target client has to be registered in table /FTI/T_NOCLN000. With the appropriate client copy profiles, the customer tables on the whitelist can then be cascaded to the target client. Tables of other delivery classes will be ignored. The client 000 settings need to be available in the new client before the content activation is triggered.

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