SAP Data Services Administration - What you Learn?

  1. Understand the big picture of the SAP Data Services
  2. Know the architecture of SAP Data Services
  3. Describe the order of installation steps of SAP Data Services
  4. Process the Pre-Installation checklist
  5. List the necessary permissions to install the SAP data services
  6. List the necessary post-installation activities
  7. Explain the different datastores and the use of it
  8. Understand the use of file formats
  9. Navigate to the Data Services Management Console
  10. Schedule a job
  11. Explain the major components of Data Services monitoring
  12. Access and configure metadata reports
  13. Explain the Authorization Concept used in SAP Data Services
  14. Explain the Security Concept of SAP Data Services
  15. Explain the use and built of the Central Repository
  16. List the processes of performance optimization
  17. Explain best practices of implementing SAP Data Services
  18. Explain the Architecture of the Information Steward
  19. Explain the factors, which affect the performance of the Information Steward

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