Hoe to Install the SAP HANA HW Configuration Check Tool?

About SAP HANA HW Configuration Check Tool
The SAP HANA HW Configuration Check Tool allows you to measure the performance of your hardware components to ensure they meet the criteria for running SAP HANA.

Download Location 
You can download the latest version of the tool as a SAR file from the SAP Service Marketplace: SAP Software Download Center -> Support Packages and Patches -> A-Z Index -> Installations and Upgrades - H -> SAP HANA PLATFORM EDITION -> SAP HANA PLATFORM EDIT. 1.0 -> Comprised Software Component Versions - > SAP HANA HW CONFIG CHECK 1.0).

Install Steps:
1. Copy the SAR file HWCCT.SAR to the Linux system hosting your SAP HANA server
2. Install the tool by executing this command:

After successful installation you should see a new directory created

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