HANA System Replication : Operation Modes

Since SPS11 SAP HANA system replication can be run in two different operation modes:

• delta_datashipping: In addition to the continuous redo log shipping taking place the secondary system requests a delta data shipping from time to time (per default every 10 minutes). During takeover the redo log needs to be replayed up to the last arrived delta data shipment. (This is the
“classical” operation mode of SAP HANA system replication.)

• logreplay: In this operation mode pure redo log shipping is done after the system replication was initially set up with one full data shipping. The red log is replayed on the secondary immediately after arrival making this step superfluous during a takeover, which shortens the RTO by factors.

Additionally the amount of data which needs to be transferred to the secondary site is reduced dramatically, because no delta data shipping is required anymore.

Using the operation mode logreplay makes your secondary site in the SAP HANA system replication a HotStandby system.

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