HANA SPS 11 Backup and Recovery - What's New?

New Features were added in HANA SPS 11

1. More HANA Cockpit Backup tasks
Cloud enablement , now some Backup tasks can be done over the web using this cockpit. You no longer need the SAP HANA Client HANA Studio. For administration you use the cockpit and for devlopment you use Web IDE.

2. Resume Recovery after error
HANA database recovery can be resumed now after an error, which means when you recover a database and an issue occurs for example the connection is lost when you backup the file using third party tool, you can resume the recovery after the issue has been fixed. Prior to SPS 11 you need to start recovery all over again.

3. Performance Improvement for backups made using BACKINT
This allows third party backup interfaces tools like BACKINT to perform better starting SPS11
For more info read SAP Notes 1730932.

4. Parallel Streams introduced 
HANA process was backed up sequentially before, with SPS 11 onwards 3 parallel streams are introduced to backup  Name Server, XS Engine, Index Server, larger components multiple streams are created.
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