HANA Enterprise Cloud Administration FAQ

What is HEC (HANA Enterprise Cloud)?
The SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is a private cloud hosting service. It delivers the power of real-time in-memory technology with cloud simplicity. SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is a fully scalable, enterprise-ready, mission critical, secure, and high availability cloud offering with full managed services approach.

What is Petabyte Farm?
SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is the commercial name for the Petabyte Farm.

What are the advantages of using HEC?
According to SAP, the key advantages of HANA Enterprise Cloud -- and SAP HANA in general -- is that transactional and analytical data can be processed at faster speeds when compared with traditional database platforms.

When was HEC generally available?

Why SAP offers HEC solution?
The SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud offering will help customers reduce the lead time and distractions typically encountered waiting for hardware, hiring specialized skills for migrations and operations, and building solid deployment plans.

Why is HEC important for companies?
If you see the trend around it's really the real-time, for example ERP data is bulging and is getting hard for predictive maintenance. SAP solution is to bring these  mission critical systems and put together with a next generation platform as a service. HEC combines the real-time business to run on a modern data center and gives  rich application with cloud simplicity.

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