● Download from Service Marketplace (SMP)
○ Download the installation medium - This method is only applicable when updating to a new SPS
○ Download individual components

Use the Check for Updates functionality in the SAP HANA studio
Use the SAP HANA studio to check for available software component updates and download them from SAP Service Marketplace.

Use the Maintenance Optimizer (MOPZ) in the SAP Solution Manager
If you have SAP Solution Manager, you can use it to update your SAP HANA system like other SAP
systems in your landscape. In this case, you have to register your SAP HANA system using the System Landscape Directory (SLD). Once this configuration is performed, the SAP HANA database server regularly updates the SLD with data about your SAP HANA system. Afterward, SAP Solution Manager can access this data to calculate updates for this system. You can then use the Maintenance Optimizer (MOPZ) in SAP Solution Manager to generate an SPS and download the necessary archives to a specified location.
You can then provide the SPS location to the SAP HANA database lifecycle manager during system

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