SAP CRM on SAP HANA - Whats New in 2016?

SAP CRM on SAP HANA provides the following key features:
● A real-time view of your customers
● Capability to provide personalized offers based on needs, preferences, past interactions, and current context
● Improved operational efficiency and effectiveness to consistently deliver on promises
● Monitoring and analysis of social media sentiment – and proactive engagement with your customers
● Early discovery of emerging demands
● Improved search performance and flexibility
● OLTP Reporting on SAP HANA for Sales and Marketing
● Native SAP HANA accelerators
● Ability to make better decisions and realign quickly with detailed segmentation of customers
● Transactional search sped up by a factor of 48
●  Service order processing improved by a factor of 4
● Database search performance sped up by a factor of 250
● Complex sales reports generated in less than 1 minute versus 45 minutes

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