What is Admin role for SAP HANA Cloud Platform? [Security]

In SAP HANA Cloud Portal, the TENANT_ADMIN role is used for managing content, themes, and roles for the company account.

At least one person in a company must be assigned the Administrator role in the SAP HANA Cloud Platform cockpit (using the Members option in the cockpit navigation area). Once that assignment is made, the TENANT_ADMIN role for Cloud Portal can be assigned to that person.

The Cloud Platform Administrator can then assign additional personnel the role of TENANT_ADMIN for the Cloud Portal account, to give them authorization to manage sites in that account. This is done in the Cloud Platform account, by accessing the SAP HANA Cloud Portal service and configuring the role.

In Cloud Portal, administrators can:
Interact with developers who provide content for the company sites
Upload widgets to the Content tab of Cloud Portal, and verify that the content is valid
Interact with Web designers to provide theme (CSS and LESS) files, and upload those files to the Themes tab of Cloud Portal
Add documents – text files, images, and videos – to the document repository, for use in the sites of the account
Transfer sites from one environment to another environment in the account
Perform all functions related to managing and creating sites:
Create new sites
Duplicate sites
Edit and maintain sites
Assign other people to author those sites
Define who can access the sites and site pages
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