SAP RFC Parameters - Performance Tuning

abap/arfcrstatecol_delete_: value X
Activates deletion of ARFCRSTATE records in background. Forces report RSTRFCEU to run in batch periodically every 5 minutes (see SAP Note 539917)

gw/maxconn_: value 2000
Sets maximum number of active connections (Gateway)

gw/maxoverflow_size_: value 10000000
Sets size of local memory area for Gateway

icm/HTTP/maxrequest_size_KB_: value 2097152
Maximum size of HTTP request accepted by ICM

rdisp/appcca_blk_no_: value 2000
Sets TCP/IP communication buffer size

rdisp/forcesched_after_commit_: value no
Disables automatic rollout of context after commit work

rdisp/maxarq_: value 2000
Maximum number of internal asynchronous messages

rdisp/maxcomm._entries_: value 2000
Sets maximum number of communication entries

rdisp/rfcmax_own_login_: value 90
Sets RFC quota for own logins

rdisp/rfcmax_own_used_wp_: value 90
Sets RFC quota for own used work processes

rdisp/rfcmax_wait_time_: value 5
Sets RFC maximum wait time after load check

rdisp/tmmax_no_: value 2000
Sets maximum number of available connections (instance)

rdisp/wpca_blk_no_: value 2000
Sets block buffer size for work process communication

ztta/maxmemreq_MB_: value 2048
Limit for a single memory allocation request (default 64). This value depends on the maximum document size.
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