SAP OS DB Migration Project Plan

Blueprint Phase
  • Migration project related issues
  • Technical data of the source system environment
  • Technical data of the target system environment
  • The migration project schedule
  • Hardware sizing feasibility
  • Load distribution (if necessary, optimization recommendations are given)
  • Configuration of the new system
  • SAP system parameters
  • Database parameters
  • User/load distribution
  • Performance before migration
  • Transaction profiles
  • Number and distribution of users
Post Go-Live

  • Comparison of response time before and after migration
  • Performance analysis on the new OS/DB combination
  • Verification of whether all the required SAP recommendations were implemented
  • SAP system parameters
  • Database parameters
  • User/load distribution
  • Optimization of load distribution and identification of potential bottlenecks
Example Project Plan
Example Project Scope - SAP OS -DB Migration

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