Severe error(s) occurred in phase PREP_SPACECHECKS/FREECHK!

Last error code set: Cannot create '\\hostname\saploc\DGT\DVEBMGS12\data\cache'

SAPup broke during phase FREECHK in module PREP_SPACECHECKS


a) Please chck if you have any old unused profiles or backup versions of profiles in \usr\sap\<sid>\sys\profile
Remove backup file and folder from \usr\sap\<sid>\sys\profile to another place.                                                  
Keep only the profiles that are used currently.
b) Replace tp and R3trans with the latest tp and R3trans in kernel

c) Ensure you have the latest sapup patch

d) Retry the phase.

\\saploc\\DVEBMGS00\data\cache' does not exist, SUM, Errors, PREP_GENCHECKS/FREECHK.SAP,
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