What is DMO (Database Migration Option ) ?

DMO is a part of the Software Update Manager 1.0 (SUM), the standard tool for system maintenance (like release upgrade or EHP and SP implementation). For scenarios where the system has to be upgraded prior to the database migration, DMO combines this upgrade with the migration and simplifies the process. It will be offered for a migration to SAP HANA, for SAP NetWeaver BW systems as well as for systems that are part of the SAP Business Suite.

DMO for SUM is made to facilitate the migration to SAP HANA and to support the whole project with a lot of internal checks and procedures. Thus the safeguarding brought by DMO for SUM is considered to sufficiently substitute the checks by the OS/DB Migration Check. As a consequence, the OS/DB Migration Check is not necessary for migrations to SAP HANA that are performed with DMO for SUM.

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