Q: What is the BW release required for BPC 10.1?
A: Minimum BW release is BW 7.40 SP5 for both BPC 10.1 Embedded and Standard.

Q: Is HANA DB mandatory for BPC 10.1?
A: BPC 10.1 Standard supports both HANA DB and none-HANA DB. BPC 10.1 Embedded only supports HANA DB.

Q: Which HANA SP is required for BPC 10.1?
A:  BW 7.40 SP5 requires HANA SP7, so HANA SP7 is required for BPC 10.1 as well.

Q: Is software component CPMBPC required to be installed if customer is only using BPC 10.1 Embedded?
A: No, if only BPC 10.1 Embedded is to be used, installing SAP_BW is sufficient. CPMBPC ( as well as HANABPC) is only required to be installed when BPC Standard is to be used.

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