How to Create a BPC Datastore using FIM ?

Creating a Planning and Consolidation Datastore

Note: You must be an administrator to create a datastore.

You create a datastore in the financial information management application as follows:
1. On the "Home" page, under "List of Datastores", click New.
2. Under "Datastore type" select "SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation".
3. In the "Datastore name" box, type a unique name that you assign to the datastore.
4. Click Next.
5. In the "Web service URL" box, type or paste the URL of the planning and consolidation web service deployed in the financial information management application,
6. Select the NetWeaver platform.
7. Click Test, which tests the datastore and supplies the list of AppSets.
8. Under "Environment", select the environment from which you want to take data. The list displays
only the environments to which you have rights.
9. Save the datastore.

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