There are different techniques available to move the data into SAP HANA DB. One of them is SAP HANA using Direct Extractor Connection (DXC).

Reduces complexity of data modeling tasks in SAP HANA significantly as data sends to HANA after applying all Business content Extractors Logics in Source System
Speeds up time lines for SAP HANA implementation projects
Provide semantically rich data from SAP Business Suite to SAP HANA
Reuses existing proprietary extraction, transformation, and load mechanism built into SAP Business Suite systems over a simple HTTP(S) connection to SAP HANA ( low TCO)
Requires no additional server or application in the system landscape(Simplicity)

Limitations for DXC
Business Suite System based on Net Weaver 7.0 or higher (e.g. ECC) with at least the following SP level:Release 700 SAPKW70021 (SP stack 19, from Nov 2008)
Data Source must have a key field defined Procedure exists to define a key if one is not already defined
Certain Data Sources may have specific limitations
Inventory types, e.g. 2LIS_03_BF –data requires special features only available in BW Certain Utilities Data Sources –can work with one and only one receiving system Some Data Sources are not delta enabled –not a specific issue for DXC or HANA, but something to take into account

Source: Extract from Jagan Mohan Post
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