How to Install HANA Multitenant Database Container System ?

What is SAP HANA Multitenant Database?
A multitenant database container SAP HANA system is a system that contains one system database and multiple tenant databases.

Steps to Installing a Multitenant Database Container SAP HANA System

1. Change to the following directory on the installation medium:
<installation medium>/DATA_UNITS/HDB_LCM_LINUX_X86_64
2. Start the SAP HANA database lifecycle manager interactively in the graphical user interface:
The SAP HANA database lifecycle manager graphical user interface appears.
3. Select a detected software component or add a software component location by selecting Add
Component Location. Then select Next.
4. Select Install New System, then select Next.
5. Select the components you would like to install, then select Next.
6. Choose whether your SAP HANA system is a single-host or a multiple-host system, then select Next.
7. Specify the SAP HANA system properties. Select the multiple_containers value for the Database Mode property to configure the system to support multitenant database containers
8. After specifying all system properties, review the summary, and select Install.

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