How much does a SAP HANA appliance really cost?

ComponentPrice (512GB)Price (256GB)
Base Price for Dell R910 Server$8935.00$8935.00
16-Drive Chassis$374.88$374.88
Upgrade to 2x E7-4870 CPU$6342.86$6342.86
Upgrade to 4x E7-4870 CPU$8261.47N/A
Upgrade to 512GB RAM$7459.99$3729.99
Upgrade to 3 year Mission Critical Support$1499.49$1499.49
Upgrade to 10 300GB SAS Disks$2241.70$2241.70
SuSe Enterprise Linux 3 year subscription$5597.23$5597.23
High Output PSU$448.35$448.35
785GB FusionIO ioDrive$9371.10$9371.10
iDRAC Enterprise$261.66$261.66
Online Discount-$16612.48N/A
Grand Total$49770.52$38802.26

 -HANA requires Intel E7 CPUs, which cost over $4000 each. A 512GB HANA system requires 4 of    these, so $16000
- HANA requires SSD Storage from Fusion IO in most cases, which costs $9500 for a 512GB system
- HANA requires SuSe Linux, which is $6000 for 3 years including support
- 512GB RAM costs around $7500

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