1. Changed emergency reset mechanism for the of SYSTEM user password. 
  2. Use the following command to reset the password  /usr/sap/<SID>/HDB<instance>/exe/hdbindexserver –resetUserSystem
  3. System view showing authentication method for connected users
  4. You can now maintain user parameters in SAP HANA Studio
  5. New built-in procedures to check compliance with password policy
  6. A graphical editor for repository roles is now available 
  7. Access the web-based user and catalog role editors in Web IDE & HANA COCKPIT
  8. Web-based user self-services 
  9. SQL-based analytic privileges can now also be used with SQL views
  10. XS applications can now store values in encrypted form
  11. CommonCryptoLib is now part of the SAP HANA standard delivery
  12. You can now specify a schema if you want to audit all database objects belonging to the schema
  13. Multitenant database containers are a new way to run multiple applications/scenarios on one SAP HANA system

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