SAP NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC) 5.0 Released - Download Location

What's New?

No New Connections to Create:
Before, you had to create system connections for NWBC manually – even if you had already created these connections in the SAPLogon pad. Now, SAP GUI/SAPLogon for Windows , SAP GUI for Java and NWBC all share their system connection information. There are just two files: admin and user. So now, if you create a new system in NWBC, the system reconciles this automatically

Look & Feel: 
If you install NWBC 5.0 and open it up, it looks remarkably similar to 4.0

Common installer:
The first thing you may have noticed is that you only download one installation file for both SAP GUI 7.40 and NWBC 5.0 – SetupAll.exe.

Download and Installation NWBC+SAP GUI IN ONE SHOT

Download from Service Marketplace:
-> Support Packages and Patches -> A - Z Index -> "N" -> NETWEAVER BUSINESS CLIENT -> NWBC NW BUSINESS CLIENT 5.0 -> Installation

You will see two options:

nwbc sap pics

SAP strongly recommend that you choose the first option (in red), since this offers you the joint installer with both NWBC and SAP GUI (which is kind of the point ;-) ). (The other option is intended mainly for testing or patching purposes).

Source : SCN

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