SAP GUI for Windows 7.40 - What's New ?

New Theme:
SAP Blue Crystal is a new visual design theme which succeeds Corbu. It is the standard theme of Fiori applications and has been adapted to the specific needs of SAP GUI. Furthermore, it is fully compatible with the previous themes and comes with a new color palette and icons which are better scalable. The background texture has a stroke pattern in white and light blue with a gradient layer. The picture below shows the new Blue Crystal theme in comparison to the Signature theme which is still the default for SAP GUI for Windows

SAP GUI --> NWBC Integration
As of SAP NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC) 5.0, which is delivered on the SAP GUI DVD, SAP GUI for Windows can be embedded into the NWBC, so that the user has one shell that unifies multiple frontends. One desktop/taskbar icon consolidates NWBC and SAP GUI sessions, tasks, frequently used links etc. in a tabbed view NWBC frame

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