There are three ways to deal with Daylight Saving Time:
A Two hour downtime method: Completely avoid running SAP system during this double hour.
B One hour downtime method: See Note 102088
C Zero downtime method: Use the default “stretched time”.

For customers who choose the way A, a switch is provided to shut off the stretched time. For details please  see Note 102088.

As the "stretched time" is set as the default, all customers should decide for themselves whether they can accept the disadvantages of the "stretched time". If they can, the system can continue to run.

If not, the customer needs to choose way either A or B.

Be aware of that, "stretched time" is first introduced since release 46C. For older releases there is no such a choice.

How to code with “stretched time” by your own, so that it could run during the “double hours”, please see the “Information for the ABAP Developer”.

We know of at least one example of an application which cannot work with the "stretched time":
Component "IS-H," SAP Patient Management (see customer message 0000298268 120 050 410 2005).

"Letting the “double hours” run first, and then dealing with any possible errors" is a rather risky approach.
Type 1) errors are not very likely to occur, but type 2) errors are almost certain to occur. You need to
analyze your situation exactly in order to choose the right method for you.

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