WEDI – EDI Menu. IDOC and EDI base

WE02 – Display IDoc

WE05 – IDoc Lists

WE06 – Active IDoc monitoring

WE07 – IDoc statistics

WE08 – Status File Interface

WE09 – Search for IDocs by Content

WE10 – Search for IDoc in Archive

WE11 – Delete IDocs

WE12 – Test Modified Inbound File

WE14 – Test Outbound Processing

WE15 – Test Outbound Processing from MC

WE16 – Test Inbound File

WE17 – Test Status File

WE18 – Generate Status File

WE19 – Test tool

WE20 – Partner Profiles

WE21 – Port definition

WE23 – Verification of IDoc processing

WE24 – DefaultValuesForOutboundParameters

WE27 – DefaultValues for Inbound Parameters

WE30 – IDOC Type Development

WE31 – Development IDoc Segment

WE32 – Development IDoc View

WE34 – Object for Display of XML IDocs

WE40 – IDOC Administration

WE41 – Process codes, outbound

WE42 – Process codes, inbound

WE43 – Funct.module: Status record display

WE44 – Partner Types and Checks

WE45 – Forward (inbound) (V3, EDILOGADR)

WE46 – Error and Status Processing

WE47 – Status Maintenance

WE50 – System process codes: Texts

WE51 – System process codes: Change texts

WE54 – FMs for changing file names

WE55 – Function Module for Path Names

WE56 – IDOC Administration

WE57 – Assignment Messages for Appl. Objs

WE58 – Status process codes: Texts

WE59 – Change status process codes

WE60 – Documentation for IDoc types

WE61 – Documentation for IDoc record types

WE62 – Documentation for segments

WE63 – Documentation

WE64 – Documentation message types

WE70 – Conversion: Basic types

WE71 – Conversion: Extensions

WE72 – Conversion: IDoc types

WE73 – Conversion: Logical messages

WE81 – Logical message types

WE82 – Assign Messages for IDoc Type

WE84 – Assignment of IDoc and appl. fields

SM59 – RFC Creation

SALE – IMG ALE Configuration root

BD10 – Send Material

BD11 – Get Material

BD12 – Send Customer

BD13 – Get Customers

BD14 – Send Vendor

BD15 – Get Vendor

BD16 – Send Cost Center

BD17 – Request Cost Center

BD18 – Send G/L Accounts

BD19 – Get Master Data G/L Accounts

BD20 – Inbound Processing Of Idocs Ready For Transfer

BD21 – Creating Idoc Types For Change Pointers

BD22 – Delete Change Pointers

BD23 – Serialization Using Time Stamp: Deletion Of Old Time Stamp

BD24 – Send Cost Elements

BD25 – Send Activity Type

BD26 – Request  Activity Type

BD27 – Cost Center/Activity Types: Transmit Plan Quantities And Acty Prices

BD28 – Cost Center/ Cost Elements: Send Control Records

BD30 – Material Bom Distribution

BD31 – Document Structure Distribution

BD32 – Plant Allocation To Material Boms Distribution

BD33 – Distribution Of Material Variants

BD34 – Distribution Of Boms (BOMORD)

BD35 – ALE: Send Business Process Group

BD36 – ALE: Send Business Process

BD37 – ALE: Send Business Process Price

BD40 – Generate Idocs For Serialization Group From Change Pointers

BD41 – Dispatch Of Idocs  Of Serialization Group

BD42 – Check Dispatch Status Of Idocs Of Serialization Group

BD43 – Processing Inbound Idocs Of Serialization Group

BD44 – Change View u201CSerialization Groupu201D

BD47 – Dependence Between Methods

BD48 – Dependence Between Methods And Message Type

BD50 – Activate Change Pointers For Message Type

BD51 – Characteristics Of Inbound Function Module

BD52 – Determine Work Area

BD53 – Reduce Message Type

BD54 – Change View: Logical Systems

BD55 – Idoc Conversion

BD56 – Maintain Idoc Segment Filters

BD57 – Link Type And Serialization Type Of Message Type

BD58 – Convert Organizational Unit

BD59 – Allocation Of Object Type

BD60 – Additional Data For Message Type

BD61 – Activate Change Pointers Generally

BD62 – Display Conversion Rule

BD63 – Transport Of Ale Tables For A Message Type

BD64 – Display Distribution Model

BD65 – Maintain Idoc Type Required Fields

BD66 – Change Idoc Fields

BD67 – Function Module For ALE/EDI Overview

BD68 – Maintain List

BD69 – Assignment Of Idoc Type To Message Type

BD70 – Cross-System Comparison Of Number Range Objects

BD71 – Attributes For Receiver Determination

BD72 – Active Events For ALE/EDI

BD73 – Start Error Handling For Non-Posted Idocs

BD75 – Status Conversion With Trfc Execution.

BD77 – Generate Transport Requests For Distributing ALE Customizing Data

BD78 – Monitoring Ale Customizing Data Transport

BD79 – ALE IDOC Segments – Conversion Rule

BD81 – Filter Objects For BAPI Parameter Filtering

BD82 – Generating Partner Profile

BD83 – Re-Processing Incorrect Outbound Odocs

BD84 – Re-Processing Of Idocs After ALE Input Error

BD85 – Consistency Check: Reassignment Between Two System

BD86 – ALE Consistency Check: Create Purchase Order From Sales Order

BD87 – Select Idocs

BD89 – Customizing Data Modeling For Distribution Model

BD91 – Distribute All Characteristics Via ALE

BD92 – Distribute Class Via ALE: Send Direct

BD93 – Distribution Of Classification Data Via ALE

BD95 – Ale Object View

BD96 – Filter Object For Receiver Determination Of Methods

BD97 – Assign RFC Destination For Synchronous Method Calls

BD98 – Consistency Check With Workflow Link

BD99 – Dependencies Between Message Types

BD100- Serialization Using Object Types: Display Serialized Idocs

BD101- Serialization Using Object Types: Consistency Check

BD102- Ale: Outbound Channel Registry

BALE – ALE Distribution Administration

BDM2 – IDoc Trace

BDM7 – IDoc Audit Analysis
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