What´s New in SAP HANA SPS 08 Modeling Enhancements ?

Here's a feature overview of HANA SPS 08 a delta from SPS 07 to SPS 08

Enhanced SAP HANA Modeling capabilities
 Variable/Input Parameter mapping to external views for value help
 Data types specifications - allow decimal/float type without specifying
length and scale
 Currency conversion - support to specify the target data type also for
base measures / configurable currency columns
 Sorting support within of parent/child hierarchies
 Set default schema mapping at package level
 Mass-copy to allow sub-packages to be selected
 Show productive system alert for edit/update/delete activities
 Introducing performance analysis capabilities (partitioned tables, number of rows)
 Support for Unicode characters in view/column/… names
 UI and usability enhancements (new tree map control in union view, join icons, …)
 BW connections enhancements

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