SAP Mobile App Gallery and Personalized Launcher

How to configure the Personalized Launcher in Mobile Portal?

The Personalized Launcher gives the users control of the applications they want to see in their Mobile Portal launcher. Whereas before SPS 5 of Enterprise Workspaces 1.1, the Portal Admin had to provide a completely preconfigured launcher for every role, he now just configures a set of available content per role and the user can choose the most useful and his most frequently used applications from an application gallery.

To set up the personalized Launcher in our demo environment, I first had to activate it. That was pretty simple: I just changed the Portal Rule Collection to use one of two newly available portal desktop. There is one desktop for smartphones and another one for tablets in the two folders Smartphone Framework Content - Personalize and Tablet Framework Content - Personalize below Portal Content > Portal Users > Standard Portal Users. So, I just assigned the tablet desktop to device type tablet and the Personalized Launcher was active for my tablet demo.

The next step is configuration. For this purpose, you find two iViews in folder Portal Content > Portal Adminstrators > Content Administrators. The first one is called Mobile App Categories and allows defining categories for apps to help users find relevant content more easily and quickly. Just open the iView properties and enter for up to 20 categories a title, ID and order number (1 being the first to show up in the App Gallery) each.

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