TAGS: How to create Scrambling Objects in SAP TDMS

Use Case:
 Understand and create new scrambling objects in the SAP TDMS Workbench. The scrambling objects explained here is used to create the custom scrambling rule which can be used further in the project to scramble you records.

The Scrambling workbench consists of the following tab pages:

Overview : Provides an overview of the scrambling objects available with SAP TDMS4.0.
Solution Categories: Shows a list of all the standard solution categories available with SAP TDMS4.0.
Scrambling Groups: Indicates a list of standard groups and super-groups available with SAP TDMS4.0.
Scrambling Rules: Provides a list of standard rules for scrambling available with SAP TDMS4.0.
Global Mapping: Shows a list of standard global mappings available with SAP TDMS4.0.

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