SAP SAML 2.0 Configuration with ADFS 2.0 Active Directory Federation Services


  • General ADFS Setup
  • ServiceNow Settings
  • ADFS Relying Party Configuration
  • ADFS Replying Party Claim Rules
  • Logging into ADFS
  • Workaround: Enabling Service Provider-Initiated Authentication
  • Workaround: Supporting Kerberos Authentication

General AFDS Setup Steps:
  1. Log into the ADFS 2.0 server and open the management console.
  2. Right-click Service and choose Edit Federation Service Properties
  3. Confirm that the General settings match your DNS entries and certificate names. Take note of the Federation Service Identifier, since that is used in the Service-Now SAML 2.0 configuration settings.
  4. Browse to the certificates and export the Token-Signing certificate.
a. Right-click the certificate and select View Certificate.
    b. Select the Details tab.
      c. Click Copy to File….
        The Certificate Export Wizard launches.
          d. Select Next.
            e. Ensure No, do not export the private key is select, and then click Next.
              f. Select DER encoded binary X.509 (.cer), and then click Next.
                g. Select where you want to save the file and give it a name. Click Next.
                  h. Select Finish.
                    Service-now requires that this certificate be in PEM format. You can convert this certificate using client tools or even online tools such as: SSL Shopper.
                      Use the DER/Binary certificate we just created and export it to Standard PEM format.

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