How To Integrate SAP MII with SAP ERP ?

This weblog lists down all the different methods available for SAP ERP-SAP MII communication and explains each of them with their corresponding technical details.

There are quite a few ways for ERP-xMII communication.
Any ERP web/enterprise service can be called from xMII using the web service action block in BLS transaction. Copy the WSDL URL of the web service from the wsnavigator and in xMII's BLS transaction web service action block enter it in the web service location URL and click next to select the port and operation. The input and output parameter structures will get created automatically in the xMII web service action block based on the WSDL. Map the input and output parameters as required and the web service will get executed from SAP ERP while executing the BLS transaction. This feature may not work for web services with a nested structure due to an issue in the web service action block in xMII, which is hoped to get resolved in the next xMII patch release.

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