SAP Note 1628530 Firefox Release Notes for Administrators

General information

SAP supports SAP standalone applications, NetWeaver Business Client, and SAP Enterprise Portal Web applications in the Mozilla Firefox Web browser.

SAP supports the Mozilla Firefox Extend Support Release Cycle and provides limited support for the Rapid Release Cycle.

The Product Availability Matrix on SAP Service Marketplace ( provides information about which Firefox versions are supported for the relevant SAP product version, depending on front-end operating systems and the SAP Web front-end technologies (Web Dynpro, Portal, Business Server Pages, and so on).

Note that information about Web browser support for SAP solutions (such as ERP, CRM, SRM, SCM) is provided in the Product Availability Matrix for the relevant product version of the solution and does not have to be identical to the releases of the underlying "Basis Release" (SAP NetWeaver).

Mozilla Firefox Extended Support Release Cycle
As of Firefox 10, Mozilla provides extended support for selected versions for the enterprise target group. In this case, the first two minor release takts (for example, for 10.0: 10.0.0 and 10.0.1) are qualification takts. This is followed by six supported support takts (for example, 10.0.3 - 10.0.8). The following two qualification takts (for example, 17.0.0 and 17.0.1) then occur in the last two support takts of the previous release. For more details, call up the links at the end of this SAP Note.

SAP follows the release policy of Mozilla Firefox ESR. New ESR releases are supported at the same time with the support takts of Mozilla.

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