What is SAP HANA Analysis Process (HAP)?

You can use a SAP HANA Analysis Process to analyze data from certain perspectives, for example to calculate ABC classes or to find scoring information. You can use the functions of the SAP HANA database, which you can combine with the functions of the BW system.

If you are using a SAP HANA database, we recommend using the SAP analysis process instead of Analysis Process Designer (APD). The process is then performed exclusively in SAP HANA, thus improving performance. The main difference in functionality between the SAP HANA analysis process and APD is that only InfoProviders that a column view exists for on the SAP HANA database are supported as data sources.

There is no column view for InfoSets, so these cannot be used as data sources. You can create a CompositeProvider on the InfoSet however, and use this CompositeProvider in your SAP HANA analysis process. Only InfoObjects that have Standard master data access are supported. This is the only type of master data access that there is a colum view for on the SAP HANA database. If you InfoObject has a different type of master data access, you should check whether this is really necessary.

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