What's new in SAP TAO 3.0? SAP TST 3.0 SP02

  • SAP TAO 3.0 includes all features delivered already with SAP TAO 2.0.
  • In addition to SAP TAO 2.0, the SAP TAO 3.0 release supports CRM WEB UI technology.
  • A PFA recording Wizard has been introduced with SAP TAO 3.0 in order to further ease recording of tests.
  • SAP TAO 3.0 comes along with a guided procedure on SAP Solution Manager in order to ease configuration on both SAP Solution Manager and on the Systems under Test (SUT). For details refer to the 'Administrators Guide'.
  • SAP TAO 3.0 is a component for Solution Manager 7.1 and does not support Solution Manager 7.0. For further information refer to the 'Compatibility Matrix' (refer to the link given in the previous paragraph).
1. Supported Web UI Technologies:
SAP Applications that are built on top of the Unified Rendering Light Speed framework are supported. This includes:

Web Dynpro ABAP
Web Dynpro JAVA (starting from SAP NetWeaver 7.31)
 SAP CRM Applications based on the WebCUIF Framework are supported.

2. Partially Supported Web UI Technologies
SAP Applications that are built on top of legacy framework or Web Applications built using a concurrent framework are partially supported.

For such technology the recorder only generates a skeleton of the test script. This concerns:

Web Dynpro JAVA (before SAP NetWeaver 7.31)
BSP (Business Server Pages)
Plain HTML Pages
SAP NetWeaver Portal is partially supported. Portal Pages can embed external content relying on different UI Technologies. CBTA supports Web Dynpro ABAP applications embedded into the portal as an isolated iView. Other Portal Page composition options are not supported.

3. Not supported Web UI Technologies:
SAP Applications built on top of SAP UI 5 are not supported.
UI Technologies using a lot of scripting such as the ones based on the AJAX Framework
Applications based on the Adobe Flex Framework (Flash)
Java Applications using the Applets
SilverLight Applications (Microsoft alternative to Flash)
4. Limitations (common to all technologies)

Scenarios using Drap&Drop features cannot be recorded.
Windows Native popups such as the Authentication Dialogs and the Security Popups are not supported.
Business Scenarios mixing Web UI Technologies and SAP GUI Technologies are not supported.

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