SAP Note 1565954 for Introscope 9 SP15 Patch 2 Release Notes

Release 9 SP15 patch 2 (Enterprise Manager Management Modules only - file WILYISMM15P_2.SAR)


Management Modules

Link to complete Introscope documentation added in Navigation dashboard
revised dashboards for SAP Portal
new Java Script calculator for SAP POS
revised Java Script calculators for SAP SBOP

Known problems in all Releases 9.1.0

In the Introscope agent log are error messages about invalid class files when monitoring Netweaver 7.1, e.g.
1/20/13 10:07:37 AM CEST [ERROR] [IntroscopeAgent] A problem occurred while attempting to Introscope-enable com/sap/scheduler/runtime/AbstractIdentifier$JaxbAccessorM_getBytes_setBytes_[B: Invalid class file
These errors can be ignored. The classes will simply be skipped from any instrumentation.
Enterprise Manager crashed with Out Of Memeory (OOM). In the EM logs you find exceptions about InvalidRegexExceptions like:
com.wily.introscope.spec.metric.InvalidRegexException: the regular expression
"SAP Portal\Runtime\Components\ com.sapportals.wcm.portal.componentbase.ControllerComponent\ doContent:Average Response Time \"
is badly formed: Unexpected internal error
To avoid the OOM please stop the EM and replace file <EM_HOME>/product/enterprisemanager/plugins/ with the attached one in
Enterprise Manager (Manager of Managers only) crashes with Out Of Memory (OOM). The heap dump contains a high number of objects from these classes:
           Please open a message on component XX-PART-WILY if you observe a crash of your MoM and be prepard to provide the heap dump. A patch will then be provided.

Workstation Web Start client fails to start with Java 7 Update 45 (Java 1.7.0_45) and newer due to security related changes.
CA describes workarounds in the attached Techical Advisory (CA APM Technical Advisory - WebStart Workstation Issue_v5.pdf). SAP recommends following Option 1, which requires the modification of a single file in the file system (workstation.jsp) without the need for a restart of the Enterprise Manager.

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