How to Check if Wily Introscope is Running Properly ?

Check that Introscope is Running Properly :

After you have launched the Enterprise Manager, check that it is running properly.
1. Locate the Enterprise Manager log at <Introscope home>/logs/IntroscopeEnterpriseManager.log.

2. Check that the Enterprise Manager has started. Look for the following line in the
logfile: 03/28/10 10:54:36 AM CET [INFO] [Manager] Introscope Enterprise Manager started.

3. Check the TCP port that Introscope Enterprise Manager is using for agent connections.
Look for lines similar to the following in the logfile: [INFO] [Manager.PostOfficeHub] Server listening for incoming default socket connections on port 6001

In this case, the Enterprise Manager agent port is 6001 (default value).

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