SAP Interview Questions on TRANSPORTS

 Q) What is a SAP  transport group?
 SAP systems that share a common transport directory tree form a transport group.

 Q) What is SAP transport domain controller?
 R/3 system with the reference configuration is called as the transaction domain controller.

 Q) What is SAP transport domain?
 All R/3 systems that are planned to manage centrally using TMS form a transport domain.

 Q) What are the two editor modes in which we can configure the SAP transport routes? A
 1. Graphical Editor 2. Hierarchical Editor

 Q) What are the various configuration methods available in STMS?
 1. Single system configuration 2. Development and Production systems 3. Three systems in a group

 Q) What is a standard transport layer in SAP ?
This describes the transport route that the data from the development systems follows.

 Q) What is SAP transport layer?
 It is a predefined transport layer for DEV classes of SAP standard objects

 Q) What are the three approval steps you need to follow as a part of approval procedure in QAS?
 1. To be approved by system administrator 2. To be approved by department 3. To be approved by request owner

 Q) What are the various qualifier option or what are the various import options?
 There are six import options 1. Leave transport request in queue for later import 2. Import transport request again 3. Overwrite originals 4. Overwrite objects in unconfirmed repairs 5. Ignore unpermitted transport type 6. Ignore predecessor relations

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