NWDI landscape does not fit the standard 4 systems methodology advised by SAP

Question on NWDI?
We currently don't have the hardware to set up development, consolidation, test and production systems. And frankly the amount of Java development work that we do does not warrant so many systems (we are only building our first WebDynpro application). But all the Development Infrastructure guidance in help.sap.com is for a 4 system Java Development Paradigm.

The four systems in NWDI (DEV, CONS, TEST, PROD) do not really mean that you need four physical instances or machines. It only indicates how you want to regulate the flow of changes in your environment. Think of these systems are just queues through which the changes flow. They all reside on the same CMS machine. Of course, if you need to have runtime-systems associated with these four systems, then you will need four other physical instances. But having a runtime system is completely optional. Moreover, TEST and PROD are also optional. Only DEV and CONS are mandatory. There is no special reason for this - this is just the methodology widely followed by SAP customers and hence was ingrained into the product.
To simply get started, set up a track with only two systems - DEV and CONS. Do not specify any runtime systems. If necessary, you can use the same system that hosts CMS as the runtime system.

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