How to fix Broken DCs in SAP NWDI?

How to Repair Broken DCs ?

There are several ways to repair a broken DC, depending on the reason why it got broken: 

Activate fixed version of broken DC 
If the DC itself contains the error you should check out the affected files from DTR, fix the problem in 
Developer Studio and then check-in and activate the new version. As a result of the activation the 
DC will directly go from “broken” state to “OK” state. 
Example: As announced before a deprecated interface was deleted by the provider. You change 
your code and use a new interface that was specified as an alternative. 

Activate/Import fixed version of used DC 
If the DC was broken because of a problem in a used DC or build plug-in, the solution is to fix the 
used DC. This can be done by editing and activating a new version of the used DC (if it is available 
with its sources) or by importing a patched version of the used SC into CMS (if it is available as 
archives). In both cases, the broken DC will become dirty first (scheduled for rebuild). After 
successful rebuild, the DC will get the “OK” state. 
Example: The owner of some DC has accidentally deleted a public part you are using. This DC was 
built somewhere else and it was imported into your NWDI track as part of some used software 
component. After you reported the problem, the owner of the DC has provided a fixed version. Your 
NWDI administrator imports the software component archive with the fixed version into your track. 
CBS automatically rebuilds all dependent components including your DC. Because the used public 
part is now found, your DC can be built successfully and is no longer broken. 

Administrative Rebuild 
Sometimes a DC gets broken if a rebuild fails because of resource problems. In these cases, it is 
enough to fix the resource problem and then trigger a rebuild. Therefore, it is not necessary to 
change anything in the DCs themselves. 
Example: There is not enough memory or the disk is full in the CBS server for some time. After the 
server administrator has fixed the resource problem, NWDI administrators can use CBS Web UI to 
rebuild individual DCs or whole SC compartments. After the successful rebuild, the DCs will go 
directly from broken to OK state. 

Initialize Compartment 
In some rare cases internal caches of the CBS may be out of sync with the DTR. 
Example: Think of a situation where you have no broken DCs or any pending requests but you have 
a mismatch between the content of the files in the active workspace of DTR and the DC meta data or CBS

NWDI administrators can use the “initialize compartment” operation to repair this kind of 

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