What do SAP HANA SP7 Maintenance Revisions bring?

SAP HANA SP7 Maintenance Revisions:

The last revision of SAP HANA SP6 was Revision 69. After this, if you want to upgrade to fix a critical error, in the past, you had to upgrade to SAP HANA SP7 Revision 70. Whilst this is the principle of Timeless Software, there are times when you may not want all the innovations in SAP HANA Rev.70. You might just want that one thing fixed.

And for this reason, SAP HANA Rev.69.1 has now been released. During the lifecycle of SAP HANA SP7, there will be Maintenance Revisions of SAP HANA SP6 Rev.69, with critical and security fixes only, and no innovation. This allows customers who want to minimize change and regression testing but receive critical fixes.
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