What are the differences between SAP Smart Forms and Adobe Forms?

  • For both of them, SAP dynamically creates a function module that must be called from an ABAP program to generate the form
  • In Smart Forms, it is possible to add ABAP code during generation of the form, that is not possible with Adobe Forms
  • It is possible to add javascript or FormCalc code in Adobe Forms, which is executed during the generation of the form

What is the difference between ? SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe, IFbA, Interactive Forms, PDF-Based Print Forms, PDF Forms, Adobe Forms?

IFbA is the abbreviation of SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe, it is not used by SAP, but by the SDN community IFbA are often referred as PDF forms and Adobe forms.

SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe is the name of the technology. This name is sometimes disturbing as forms may be non-interactive Depending on the context where the name is used, Interactive Form may refer either to all types of forms using IFbA technology (even non-interactive forms), or only to forms which have interactive capability To avoid ambiguities, use IFbA (or SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe), or Adobe Forms, or PDF Forms, to refer to the technology

PDF-Based Print Forms is the name used by SAP to distinguish non-interactive forms from interactive forms. Technically, a non-interactive form has the Interactive flag switched off, it does not contain any input field (and thus, programs do not have logic to read the values of input fields).

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