ABAP Developer - What's your future ?

Most ABAP'ers are confused about their future with the evolution of HANA in SAP Projects. Things are rapidly changing in SAP world . So what ABAP'ers  have to understand to stay in business.

What skills should the SAP ABAP'ers adopt in the near future?
ABAP'er will have to be more and more comfortable with HANA modeling and SQL Scripting as they will play an important role to leverage the power of SAP HANA. Develop skills to use BI (BOBJ) tools and finally sharpen your SQL skills.

What happens to existing ABAP code ?
The classical ABAP coding will be converted to HANA  objects using advanced OpenSQL features.

What would ABAP Developers develop in future ?
ABAP'ers will be developing analytic applications in the future based on Analytical applications for HANA

Where to Start from ?
Understand HANA Architecture and get familiar with ABAP Database Connectivity(ADBC) an API for the Native SQL interface which is based on ABAP Objects or Object-based ABAP.

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