What Basis Admins need to know about NWDI ?

Product: A piece of software that you run or sell to a customer. Products consist of software components (SCs).
Software Component (SC): An installable piece of software. SCs contain development components (DC) and are (re-)used in products. SCs "know" their dependencies to other SCs.
Development Component (DC): A piece of software on the granularity of an Eclipse-project containing all the development objects like java classes, interfaces, etc. What is new in DCs is that they define metadata as a add-on to a pure project, which define "DC-interfaces", the public parts, and use dependencies to other DCs - these are checked by the component-based build process.
Track and Development Configuration:  A track is a set of steps, "logical systems", and paths defined in the NWDI to create a product or SC version, defined by an administrator: From development to consolidation, assembly (which creates a new SC-archive), test, and production. One NWDI host many tracks.

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