PI Basis Admin Daily Support Tasks

1) Compile & Load JMS/JDBC/MQ Series driver sda files peridocially based on
2) Monitor XI interfacing with external Servers via Communication Channels
3) Setup BPM Monitoring
3a) XI Message prioritization and identify performance Bottlenecks over Message Transfer. (Individual Steps of the XML Performance Header; Analyze and breakdown the time taken in its individual steps and explain/understand why there are delays)
4) Maintain the SLD(Transport Paths, Tech Systems, Bus Systems, Content) and keep updating the CR/CIM and
5) CTS Configuration (Initially)
6) Objects Migration/Changelists Activation & Cache(Adapter/CPA/IR/ID) Monitoring
7) Setup Encrption/SSL, Certificates/Integration with portal, PGP Integration if HCM Systems are involved (Only if PGP is in scope of your Company's requirements)
8 )SOAMANAGER and Service Registry Setup/Administration
9) XI Alerts Management and triggering Mechanisms (Work with Developers)
10) Advanced Adapter Engine (Initial Configuration) and Message Prioritization in Java Engine
11) Load Metadata(IDX2) and Setup/Add New Systems for Integration as required
12) Setup the associated configuration for any new Third Party Adapters(seeburger e.t.c.)
13) Java Monitoring (Wiley and Java Reports in NWA)
14) Periodic Interim Patches for XI Java components.

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