How to activate emergency user on SAP AS Java

Situation: All the Java Admin users (e.g. J2EE_ADMIN) are unusable or locked.

 In a dual stack system we can logon to the ABAP system and unlock the users (ABAP and Java) via transaction SU01.

In a Java-only system we have to use the  Netweaver Administrator (NWA) or Visual Admin to unlock any user.

But if all Admin users in a Java-only system are locked then we have to activate the emergency user SAP* to unlock them.
This can be done via Configtool.
Once SAP* is activated all other users will be deactivated untill SAP* is disabled again.


- Navigate to /usr/sap/SID/J*/j2ee/configtool/
- run the executable
- Expand the nodes Global server config > Services >

- On right hand panel set values for properties as below:

Property Value Comment
ume.superadmin.activated true This activates the SAP* user.
ume.superadmin.password <password> Enter any password of your choice. This defines the password for the SAP* user.
- restart AS Java
- SAP* is activated and all other users are deactivated.

- Now login to NWA or VisualAdmin with SAP* and unlock the desired user. Afterwards you can disable SAP* using same procedure.
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