How Basis Admins Add Datafile using brtools ?

1.If yours is unix login as ora<SID> and type brtools at command prompt. the menu select 2,space management the next menu select 1.extend table space
3.In the next menu select 3,tablespace name and it prompts for the name and type PSAPUNDO.
5.CONTINUE will get the following screen.
Options for extension of tablespace PSAPUNDO (1. file)

1 * Last added file name (lastfile) ....... [/oracle/CRD/sapdata2/undo_1/undo.d
2 * Last added file size in MB (lastsize) . [6800]
3 - New file to be added (file) ........... [/oracle/CRD/sapdata2/undo_2/undo.d
4 ~ Raw disk / link target (rawlink) ...... []
5 - Size of the new file in MB (size) ..... [6800]
6 - File autoextend mode (autoextend) ..... [no]
7 # Maximum file size in MB (maxsize) ..... [10000]
8 # File increment size in MB (incrsize) .. [20]
9 - SQL command (command) ................. [alter tablespace PSAPUNDO add data
file '/oracle/CRD/sapdata2/undo_2/undo.data2' size 6800M autoextend off]

Standard keys: c - cont, b - back, s - stop, r - refr, h - help

7.choose 5 if you want to specify size of Datafile.Also check whether enough space is available at OS level to add this datafile.(use df -k "path of directoy" to check space on continueand it will take few minutes to add the datafile and your tablespace is now extended.
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