Advantages of running SAPGUI on Citrix

Advantages of Citrix 
You only need to load one copy of SAPGUI into the Citrix server.
It save time and manpower during any SAPGUI upgrade as only one copy of SAPGUI need to be loaded on the Citrix server rather than having to un-install and install on every PC again and again.
The Citrix client will be loaded once on the PC of every user.
The PC resources required for using a Citrix SAPGUI is much lower than using the SAPGUI directly.

Disadvantages of Citrix
You cannot control the Display options of the SAPGUI.  This means that if one user change the SAPGUI display options, for e.g. the fonts or color, it will affect all the Citrix SAPGUI users.
Users will not be able to access SAP if either the Citrx or SAP server is down, instead of just SAP if you are not using Citrix.  This should not be able major concern as most companies that deploy Citrix have a fall back Citrix server.  If one Citrx Server is down, it will auto switch to the other Citrx Server.
Additional cost for purchasing the Citrix Server.

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