10 Steps to Upgrade SLD CIM Content

Step 1 : To import the CR Data we need the CIM model to be updated to the latest in the SLD

Step 2 : Downloaded the latest CIM version  from SMP - > Support packages and patches - > Search for support packages and patches -> search string cimsap*

Step 3 : import the model update cimsap51505_0-20005942.zip.

              Path : http:/hostname.hosts.jhmi.edu:50<SysNo>0/sld

             Click on the Administration link and then browse and select the cimsap51505_0-20005942.zip.

Step 4 . Start the import and once it completes check the CIM Version from  SLD->Administation-> details

Step 5 : You must then import the Content-Update CRDelta....zip file(s) now.

In this case the CR Content version was  4.3 so we would need the following zips

      From 4.x to 5.0

                       SMP entry point: SAP CR CONTENT UP TO 2008

                       File name: CRDelta41514_0-10006428.ZIP

     from 5.x to 5.y (latest version)

                      SMP entry point: SAP CR CONTENT UP TO 2009

                     File name: CRDelta515*.ZIP

                     Remark: use the latest file.

Note: Check SAP Note 669669 for the complete List.

Step 6: Start the import of  CRDelta41514_0-10006428.ZIP

             SLD->Administration->Import->Browse and select CRDelta41514_0-10006428.ZIP

Step 7 :Once the import completes  Check the CR version from the Administration screen

Step 8 : Now update the CR content CRDelta51504_0-20005942.ZIP using the same procedure

Step 9 :  CIM model and CR Data are now updated.

Step 10 . Go to SLD - Administration ->Details->Data and check the version under column "Content"

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