Webdispatcher VIP Loadbalancing in SAP

You create virtual IP (VIP) to your CISCO loadbalancer. You then configure Cisco to route traffic to each portal application server. If you have CI + 2 appservers, you configure the loadbalancer to send traffic to cihost:port, appserver1:port, appserver2:port. You also create a DNS alias to the virtual IP of the loadbalancer. End users will use the DNS alias to connect your portal. Typically you use standard ports (80 & 443) on Cisco, so that end user URL does not contain any ports (so http traffic goes to port 80, https goes to port 443). You also need to enable cookie persistence on the load balancer for session persistence.
For external facing portal, you need to have your loadbalancer in DMZ and you want to use SSL. You also need to setup firewall rules for your portal and backend servers.

One of the webdispatchers should be available for VIP to be reached else VIP will not be reachable

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